Following an outstanding 2023 where Wilson Power & Energy enjoyed significant growth and milestones including an impressive 47% increase in solar projects over 250 kWp, and a 300% growth rate for their team, the duo behind the Dromore-based business, Owners and Directors Andrew Wilson and Peter Watson, are looking forward to continued success in 2024 as well as additional recruitment to facilitate continued growth.

Commenting on the success of the past year and his outlook for 2024 Andrew Wilson said,

Our expertise is in developing solutions that enable energy independence and business continuity across the manufacturing, technology, hospitality, healthcare and agriculture sectors. Growth across these sectors, combined with our over 35 years in-house experience in the UPS and battery (secure power) industry, have contributed greatly to our continued strength.

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With thanks to their strong skillset originating in data centre UPS installation and maintenance, the Wilson Power & Energy team continues to see constant growth in this area. Due to the extremely high standards and demands dictated by the data centre industry, this sector has been an ideal area to strengthen Wilson Power & Energy’s offering, delivering these same high standards to clients across all sectors where they work.

In 2024 more businesses and large organisations are likely to seek out energy independence and future-proofing their operations, particularly following the System Operator NI (SONI)’s recent indication of a higher risk to supply due to the closure of Kilroot power station here in Northern Ireland. These are quickly becoming a specialist area for the company with several microgrids lined up for completion this year for a well known developer along with a strong pipeline of direct clients. “More businesses are reviewing their continuity plans and seeking to establish energy independence,” says Peter Watson.

Not only are we seeing increased interest in on-site microgrids to help businesses stabilise their costs and maintain competition within their markets, but this can also be a great solution to help ensure business continuity in moments of uncertain power supply such as the recent winter storms.

In addition to their existing expertise in data centres, Wilson Power is also seeing growth in the hospitality and healthcare sectors, with several solar PV installations at varied hospitality venues currently pending NIEN approvals. Additionally, the team recently secured a 5 + 2-year UPS and battery maintenance contract with the Northern Ireland Health Trust and are currently installing Several Schneider UPS (uninterrupted power supply) and 23 IPS (isolated power supplies) at Belfast’s Royal Victoria Hospital. These projects not only highlight the company’s technical prowess but also underscore its dedication to creating a greener future for the local community as they work to help organisations enhance their energy performance. Supporting their work in sustainable energy, EV charging continues to grow in popularity for Wilson Power & Energy’s clients, with options to integrate charge points with solar PV installations.

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Highlighting this as an area for continued potential Andrew Wilson added, “The UK government’s roll-out of throughout a calendar year and charge point owners could face fines of up to £10,000 per non-compliant charge point. new EV charging legislation to enhance the EV charging industry standard and build driver confidence in November shows much-needed commitment to EV adoption by government, but has also put pressure on EV charge point owners to ensure their equipment meets a certain standard.”

The legislation – which applies to all organisations offering public EV charge points 8kW or above in the UK – includes regulations and guidelines including offering increased price transparency and visibility at charge points, offering contactless payment options and network roaming for charge points, and ensuring 99% reliability for each individual charge point “The new regulations around EV charging are requiring charge point owners to be more actively involved in the ongoing monitoring and maintenance of their charging infrastructure,” added Peter Watson. “Whilst all this new legislation could feel like a burden for independent charge point owners, our team are delighted to be supporting clients across the UK with installation and support including back-office management systems which can manage usage for employees, the public, or as a service and help suppliers comply with new legislation.”

Recently a returning customer for Wilson Power & Energy has ordered a further 12 Rapid DC EV Charging points, bringing their total to 32 for private company use throughout Ireland. Their continued partnership with Wilson Power reflects on the team’s deep knowledge and wrap-around support for EV charging installations of all sizes.

Reflecting on Wilson Power & Energy’s continued success Andrew Wilson said,

Our team continues to set standards locally and internationally, driven by its specialisation in renewable energy systems, exclusive supplier relationships, and commitment to innovation and sustainable practices. We are delighted that our expertise continues to be recognised through new client wins and continued work with existing clients as their requirements evolve, and we look forward to another successful year working with clients across the UK and Ireland.